History of Thompson Fire Department

Prior to 1928, Thompson did not have any mechanical fire apparatus. Whenever a fire broke out, the people of the township resorted to the old bucket brigade method of fighting the fire.

In 1928 the township bought a used chemical truck from Fairport Harbor Fire Department.

Lewis Binnig, now deceased, was in charge of maintaining and seeing that the truck got to the fires. If Mr. Binnig was not in town, Paul Robison, the present (1976) Fire Chief, drove the truck. At that time there was no organization known as the Thompson Fire Department. Also, none of the men had any official titles.

This chemical method of fighting fires was used from 1928 until February 4th, 1941, when the department was reorganized. The Trustees purchased an old Cleveland fire truck in 1942. This was a 1921 White Truck without a cab.

Homer Crandall was appointed Fire Chief in 1942. Paul Robison and Lewis Binning were made Assistant Chiefs.

In 1943 Mr. Crandall asked to be relieved of his duties as Chief and the Trustees appointed Paul Robison as Chief, a position he has held to the present day (1976).

Soon after the reorganizing of the department, a program of dances and movies to raise money for equipment was instituted.

In 1944 the department purchased a 1941 Dodge chassis. The firemen worked two nights a week for over a year building a water tank for the truck and mounting a new pump.

In 1952 the department purchased a new 1952 Ford V-8 chassis from Crandall Co. A new fire pump was installed on this chassis and also, a 600-gallon water tank. Both the 1941 Dodge and 1952 Ford were paid for with money raised from dances and movies. After these trucks were put into service, they were turned over to the Township Trustees.

In 1957 the Trustees purchased a used 1955 Ford Chassis. This truck was sent to the Harry Sutphin Co. in Columbus and a new body and pump installed. The truck carries 1,000 gallons of water.

In 1968 the Trustees bought a 1964 Chevy Step Van that was converted into a rescue truck.

In November of 1965 the people of Thompson Township passed a bond issue for a building site and the construction of a new Safety Center which was completed with the help of many volunteer hours by members of the Fire Department.. New fire trucks and equipment have been added as need arises. Several firemen have taken specialized training in Emergency First Aid, E. V. C. and Emergency Medical Technician.

Thirty volunteers are each paid one-dollar a year. The men give unselfishly of their time toward the protection of the town. In addition to fire fighting and training, the men donate many hours toward building and maintaining equipment every year.

Above information from the 1976 book
Thompson Ohio Bicentennial Community