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Duties of Zoning Inspector

It shall be the duty of the township zoning inspector to enforce the zoning regulations contained in this resolution, and thus in order to fulfill said duty, the township zoning inspector shall:

A. Provide applications for zoning certificates to those persons who wish to apply for a zoning certificate.

B. Receive and act upon applications for zoning certificates in accordance with sections 1100.2 and 1100.3. 

C. Issue zoning certificates as permitted by the terms of this resolution.

D. Revoke zoning certificates as permitted by the terms of this resolution.

E. Receive and act upon complaints regarding violations of this resolution in accordance with section 1101.0.

F. Make inspections as required to fulfill his duties.

G. Upon finding that any provision of this resolution is being violated, he shall notify, in writing, the person responsible for such violation, ordering the action to correct such violation.

H. Take any other action authorized by this resolution or by law to ensure compliance with or to prevent violations of this resolution.

I. Safely keep an official record of all actions taken in fulfillment of the duties imposed on him by this zoning resolution; and, safely keep all documents, including applications, complaints, zoning certificates, reports and inspections which are received, issued or made in connection with his duties as zoning inspector. Ml such records and documents shall be indexed by name, address and date and kept in an orderly fashion and shall be open to public inspection. Copies of any of these records and documents shall be provided to any member of the public upon payment of a copying fee as established by the board of township trustees. None of the records or documents so kept shall be destroyed except upon compliance with R. C. 149.42.

J. Receive for filing and note the date of filing of notices of appeal to the board of zoning appeals as provided in R~ C 519.15. Notices of appeal, with the date of filing thereon, shall be safely kept in the official records of the township zoning inspector.

K. Upon receipt of a notice of appeal to the board of zoning appeals, the zoning inspector shall forthwith transmit to the board of zoning appeals all the papers constituting the record upon which the action appealed from was taken

L. Shall safely keep and deposit all fees and moneys received by him with the township clerk within twenty-four (24) consecutive hours of receipt pursuant to R. C. 117.17.