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Zoning Commission

Recommendations of Township Zoning Commission; Organization, Powers and Compensation of Commission.

A. The zoning commission may, within the limits of the moneys appropriated by the board of township trustees for the purpose, employ or contract with such planning consultants and executive and other assistants as it deems necessary; The zoning commission shall organize, adopt rules for the transaction of its business, and keep a record of its actions and determinations. Members of the zoning commission may be allowed their expenses, or such compensation, or both, as the board of township trustees may approve and provide. No township trustee shall be employed by the zoning commission of his township.

B. The zoning commission shall make use of such information and counsel as is available from appropriate public officials, departments, and agencies and such officials, departments, and agencies having information, maps, and data pertinent to township zoning shall make them available for the use of the zoning commission.

C. The zoning commission may initiate and/or review proposed amendments to this resolution and make recommen´┐Żdations on same to the board of township trustees as specified in article XII.