Thompson Township Community Center

 2015-16 Revitalization
As a historic landmark depicting Thompson Township, Geauga County, Ohio the noble Town Hall has stood on Thompson Square welcoming visitors and residents alike.  Over the years it has been used for many things - a fire station, police station, school room, theater, gathering and meeting place and, in later years, relegated to a storage area.

In 2010, several residents decided the Township should pay more respect to this fine piece of our Township history, and formed the "Rebirth of the Town Hall Committee", (later renamed the Revitalization of the Thompson Town Hall Committee).  The Thompson Township Trustees agreed.  The Cleveland Historical Society was summoned to assess the condition of the building and made recommendations to bring it back to life while keeping the historical integrity of the structure.  At this point so much of the original building had been changed that it was no longer eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

Enthusiasm for the resurgence of the building swelled locally as residents gathered to share their memories of the building's past use as well creative ideas for its future.  A quarterly newsletter feature was established to chronicle progress.  Now the Township was faced with funding to make the creative ideas a reality.

In 2014, funding was sought through the Geauga County Commissioners and a State of Ohio neighborhood Revitalization Grant and Critical Infrastructure Grant.  Community surveys were made available to all the residents and results were shared to support the granting information.  The Geauga County Commissioners approved an initial allocation.  With these funds the Thompson Town Hall was made ADA compliant with an entrance ramp, restroom accommodations and a new furnace.  In addition, the Commissioners further provided funds to complete the interior remodel, making the space attractive and practical as a meeting place for residents and area groups.

The Thompson Town Hall, renamed Thompson Community Center, stands as a hallmark of the revitalization of the Thompson Town Square.  It is ready to serve Thompson Township and surrounding areas as a facility for parties, meetings, social events and will once again be the heart of Thompson Township.