Cemetery & Grave Site

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Cemetery Locations

  • Maple Grove - 16337 Thompson Road (Active)
    0.2 miles West of Route 528 and Thompson Center on the South Side of Thompson Road.  It is extremely well-kept and the records are excellent

  • Bartlett - 6979 Thompson Road (Inactive)
    About 1000 feet Southwest of the intersection of Leroy Center and Thompson Roads

  • Evergreen/Sanford - 16217 Moseley Road (Inactive)
    About 0.4 mile West of the intersection of Dewey and Moseley Roads on the South side of Moseley Road

  • St. Patrick's - 8300 Sidley Road (Active, Private)
    Northwest corner of the intersection of Sidley and Burrows Roads, about 1.3 miles East of Route 528
    NOTICE: Burials in this cemetery are not up to date as the owner will no longer supply us with new burial information.

  • Phelps - 6700 Ledge Road (Inactive, Private)
    Southeast corner of the intersection of Ledge and Thompson Roads

  • Warner - 16887 Rock Creek Road (Inactive, Private)
    South side of Rock Creek Road (Route 166), just west of the intersection of Route 166 and Route 528

  • Webster - 7721 Clay Street (Inactive, Private)
    East side of Clay Street, 3/4 to 1 mile North of Rock Creek Road (Route 166)

If you require more information, contact the Cemetery Sexton